The Real Causes of Yeast Infections

The Real Causes of Yeast Infections

Biologically speaking, causes of yeast infections are an overly high presence of Candida yeast, combined with a lack of beneficial bacteria that help to keep these yeast under control. Candida yeast are a type of micro-organism that are naturally found in the body. Therefore it is not their presence that cause problems, but instead their over multiplication that lead to infection.

Furthermore, the yeast tends to concentrate itself in the vaginal area. This is why, though both men and women can experience this type of infection, the most notorious is the vaginal yeast infection.

When the yeast does succeed in over multiplying and concentrating itself in the vaginal area, uncomfortable and sometimes painful symptoms can occur. The yeast irritates the vulva, making it red, swollen, and tender.

This skin irritation leads to a burning and itching sensation in the area that is frequently heightened when urinating. Accompanying the vaginal irritation is an abnormal discharge. Whitish or yellowish in color, the discharge is usually of a thick consistency. It can also have an odor that can vary from woman to woman, though many describe as being ''yeasty'' in scent.

There can also be a lack of beneficial bacteria in the body that normally fight off the over multiplication of Candida yeast. This is the second of the major causes of yeast infections mentioned previously.

Some medicines, for example certain antibiotics, will actually temporarily rid the body of bacteria needed to fight yeast production. Other common practices, such as douching, can upset the balance of the area, and actually ''cleanse'' away elements needed to maintain a healthy vagina. It is important to keep in mind the dynamic balance of the sensitive vaginal area. When tampered with, yeast infections can occur.

While these are some of the biological causes of them, there are other personal lifestyle habits that can lead to irritation. For example, certain foods in a woman''s diet can increase yeast production in her body.

There are also other personal hygiene, or clothing selections that aid in creating a very healthy environment for yeast to grow. It is important to understand more about these factors in order to learn how to prevent from recurrent infections.

By understanding the biological as well as the environmental causes of yeast infections, it becomes easier to focus on what can be done in order to decrease the production of Candida yeast in the body, leading to less recurrent inflammations.

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